Christian Business Leaders are needed now more than ever. We must not confuse faithfulness with partisanship, nor let avoiding political disagreement justify negligence. If we have power, influence, and opportunity to shape the world around us, let us be found faithful! 

Commit to Vote

Civic engagement is a stewardship imperative for the Christian leader.

This is not about being political. It is about being biblically responsible, accountable, and intentional. But you won’t earn the right to lead others to vote if it’s not first a priority for you. Your capacity to inspire others is directly related to your personal commitment to vote. 

Take just a few minutes to register to vote, access an online voter guide, and sign-up to receive valuable voting reminders for every election in your community.

Get Equipped to Vote Now

Equip Your Workplace to Vote

Civic Leadership Expands Influence and Impact for the Christian Leader.

Voter participation remains alarmingly low. Your civic leadership is a great opportunity to rally your employees around a common effort – to vote in every election. When you focus on participation over politics, you put the voice of your employees at the center of the conversation.

76% of Americans want to work for companies that promote civic engagement.

Our non-partisan workplace resources below will help your employees register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and receive election reminders.

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"We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”


Download the Toolkit Guide to lead your company in civic engagement.

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Engage Your Church

When Christians Stand Together, Courage is Multiplied.

Your influence is not limited to the workplace. You are called to be faithful with all God has given you, including the responsibility to advance biblical values with your vote and helping others do the same.

More than 25 million Christians chose not to vote in the last presidential election. We can do better. Because our faith votes, whether we cast a ballot or not.

Your influence with your church can make the difference.

Engage your church to equip Christians to vote.

Equip Your Church to Vote

"Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”